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Indy Pro 55 gal 30 Nozzle Kit


The "Indy Pro" is a 55 gal Misting System that includes a 30 Nozzle Kit and Remote Control. It can easily handle up to 80 nozzles on up to 1200 feet of tubing. Add the optional Zone Kit to expand the Indy Pro to mist up to 160 nozzles on 2400 feet of tubing.
  • professionally engineered programmable controller – up to 24 independent daily mist cycles with programmable mist duration.
  • remote control, long range
  • agitator to ensure a consistent blend of misting solution in every mist
  • anti-siphon valve to keep misting solution from draining out of the tank in the event the tubing gets cut
  • specially designed filter to help keep sediment from entering the nozzle circuit and clogging the nozzles
  • state of the art technology, can run up to 2 weeks or 30 mist cycles on stored power
  • high pressure 300 psi pump can mist up to 80 nozzles on 1200 feet of tubing
  • pressure valve to maintain a constant pressure across the nozzle circuit
  • can utilize zone kit to mist up to 160 nozzles on 2400 feet of tubing
  • can utilize optional solar panel
Don’t forget to add our "Bug Juice" misting concentrate

30 Nozzle Kit includes:
  • 30 45° nozzles
  • 36 union tees
  • 6 plugs
  • 450 feet of  tubing (black tubing comes standard request white tubing in the notes section at check out)
  • 300 tube clamps
  • 1 tube cutter
Shipping for this system typically runs about $99.